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Norco Construction


Norco Construction sets itself apart from other construction firms by successfully navigating the construction process from pre-construction through project close-out.  The Firm focuses on being detail oriented, proactive and able to anticipate and resolve potential difficulties.  Communicating effectively with clients, Norco’s staff becomes an integral project team with engineering, architectural and technical experience, providing unparalleled dedication and construction expertise to all projects.

The firm’s principals are well known for their hands-on management style and have significant experience managing many of New York City’s and Miami’s premiere developments, from high rise residential, interior renovations and fit-outs, façades, and lobby restorations to new retail, commercial and educational buildings.  They also possess a deep knowledge of sustainable and energy-efficient building practices and are able to offer clients value engineering to facilitate the implementation of green initiatives and inclusion of environmentally friendly building materials.


Our positive client relationships in the construction industry provide more insight into customers' problems.  It creates an open channel of communication that leads to better individual interactions, increasing trust and satisfaction over time.


We provide top notch service, which includes better pricing, reliable work and a higher quality of construction overall.  Once you have met with our team at Norco Construction, you will be able to tell that our experience and confidence set us apart from the rest.


Accountability is a super important part of engineering and construction projects.  When engineers, suppliers, managers, and clients are late in returning something – you need to know.  More than that, missed deadlines can affect cashflows, create penalties, and upset clients.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

Norco Construction places a great amount of focus on being detail-oriented, proactive and able to anticipate and resolve potential difficulties. Through the maintenance of effective communication with clients, the firm’s project team provides unparalleled dedication and construction expertise to all jobs, both large and small to streamline the construction process for complex developments and provide cost-efficient, on-time delivery.

Throughout each construction phase, the company employs a sophisticated client reporting system, which features easy-to-follow computerized project management tracking reports, consistent follow-up and direct access to key project team members. Upon completion, Norco Construction, prepares close-out binders that include as-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, HVAC test and balance reports and letters of warranty to help clients take over and manage their new facility.

Norco Construction
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