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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Commercial Construction

At Norco, we take pride in every single project because no project is entirely the same.  The construction phase is where we achieve the goal that we've collectively designed. ​ Our project management team is trained and able to track and control costs, material delivery, labor production, job schedules, quality, systems validation, and building start-up to ensure the successful project delivery.

Norco Construction
Norco Construction

Residential Construction

From custom homes, to single-family and multi-family homes in new residential communities, Norco Construction has built a wide variety of homes in an array of prices ranges and a variety of styles.  

The home serves as the hub of family living and having a functional, comfortable home that fits your family’s lifestyle is the goal that Norco envisions in each home its team of construction professionals builds.


The earlier we are involved, the better we will be able to understand your goals and more efficiently manage your project budget. While working directly with the architects, engineers, and contractors on the owner’s behalf, Norco coordinates all permits, and handles design and construction issues and interfaces.

It is our involvement in the pre-construction stages of the project that enables us to utilize our professional expertise which allows us to achieve costs savings for the owner. With statistics showing construction costs rising, we feel prompt action should be taken to get the project construction documents and cost analysis underway.

Norco Construction
Norco Construction

Special Projects

When it comes to serving the customized construction needs for the industrial market, Norco understands the rigorous challenges involved and specializes in developing and implementing effective and efficient building plans & solutions.

We possess the critical sector skills needed to provide large-scale project planning and construction, equipment procurement, installation, facility start-up as well as commissioning.

Site Management

At Norco Construction, we provide fully inclusive contracting and design/build services for residential and commercial clients in the New York City & Miami area.  We will oversee your home or business building project from planning to completion – land acquisition, survey, design, financing, site management, and more – always on time, and on budget.

Norco Construction
Norco Construction

Infrastructure Construction

Norco Construction is a leader in buildings and commercial properties. Whether commercial or government, we will achieve your project goals through integrated resources with our team of experts. We are safety oriented, financially sound, highly motivated, strategically positioned and professionally managed.

We perform all phases of road construction including site removals, utilities, and earthwork. Our highly experienced staff will efficiently execute and deliver successful projects under the tightest deadlines.

Civil Engineering

Developers contemplating business or commercial applications in rural areas will need site planning, onsite sewer treatment, grading, storm sewer, and road design, and more.  Norco Construction has the know-how in order to prepare and manage all of these aspects of the property development, allowing you to focus on getting the project built, so we can save you time and money.

Norco Construction
Norco Construction

Landscape Construction

When you pick Norco Construction, you are getting a full-service company.  That means that we have a team of professionals that are ready to help you create and maintain long-term asset value through thoughtful landscape design and maintenance.

At Norco, we help to effectively communicate your expectations and will ensure things are done in a timely and professional manner;  from lawn care, irrigation, and more.

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